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─────────────────────────────── Our vision and values ───────────────────────────────

Rechris Design started almost 15 years ago when we had the vision to start a web design business in Bucharest, RomaniaClick here to read more.. We quickly broadened and strengthened our skills so our company became top rated on Upwork with a 100% Job success. Always hardworking and considerate, we developed very strong relationships with clients all around the world and worked for companies ranging from small home businesses to big companies or institutions like GoDaddy and Stanford University.

Being people who refused to accept any standard short of perfection in our design due to our Christian work ethicClick here to read more., we always paid attention to every subtle aspect in our web and graphic design so that we made sure we delivered quality results to our clients.

Starting as a family business, the team grew over the years and currently includes 4 other team members and also talented collaborators which are a big part of today’s company success.

We’re Responsive
We are quick to respond to your enquiries and are open to any suggestions you may have.

We’re Enthusiastic
We handle each project with enthusiasm because we are passionate about our work.

We’re Considerate
We care about your needs and we strive to help your business grow in visibility and sales.

We’re Hardworking
We put emphasis on the quality of our work and deliver the best results, meeting any deadline.

We’re Resourceful
We’re always creative in our design and have the ability to find clever ways to overcome any possible issues.

We’re Intuitive
We have over 15 years of experience so we have come to quickly know what our client’s desires are.

We’re Straightforward
We’ll always be honest, easy to deal with, handle our clients with integrity and stick to the agreed terms.

We’RE CHRIStians
We are driven by our Christian ethics in every aspect of our work and we treat each client courteously.

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